The truth be told, no one expected the three-day parliamentary debate on SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras’ no confidence motion to lead to political developments - the fall of the government and a general election.

Not even Tsipras’ most loyal party cadres believed that.

On the contrary, what transpired in Parliament from Friday until yesterday evening was exactly what everyone expected.

Frontal attacks and verbal extremities were once again predominant in Parliament and were reminiscent of the bad and unfortunately very recent past.

Citizens are tired of political cockfights. They seek solutions for a host of problems in their daily lives, with the pandemic and inflation topping the list.

The entire political system – government and opposition – have a duty to at long last take citizens’ demands seriously.

The only thing the public now wants is proposals, not rhetorical flourishes.

Extremely few proposals were made during the parliamentary debate.

As of today, however, politicians from all segments of the political spectrum must table their proposals, if they have any.

Citizens are mature enough to consider such proposals and to judge which ones are realistic and most in their interest.

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