At this particularly sensitive juncture in Greek-Turkish relations, one cannot but expect that at some point escalation will be followed by de-escalation.

That phase, however, will not be any time soon given Turkish actions.

Ankara continues to provoke with inconceivable actions such as twelve over-flights over the islands of Panagia, Inouses, all within a half an hour.

This incident shows that the government in Ankara is continuing with sabre-rattling and pointless displays of power in part in order to push under the rug the major domestic problems, with the economy first of all.

President Erdogan’s status is being challenged, as is demonstrated by the decision of Ahmet Davutoglu – his ex-foreign minister and close ally – to establish his own party.

At the same time, Erdogan is attempting to make Turkey a regional superpower.

Confronted with the problematic situation created by Turkish provocations, Greece must exhibit strong determination and the necessary composure.

Nothing and no one should drag the country down pathways that diverge from post-war European mores such as the avoidance of armed conflict.

That of course is grounded on the principle that the country’s sovereign rights are non-negotiable.





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