Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis has called on independent MP Dimitris Kammenos to resign his post as parliament vice president, or else he will face a no confidence motion.

Dimitris Kammenos was recently expelled from the Independent Greeks, after he broke the party line and voted down the government in a no confidence vote.
Each party nominates one vice president to represent it in the presidium, and Kammenos was appointed by his former party.

Voutsis said an issue involving parliamentary rules and regulations should not be turned into a political dispute.

“I publicly call once again on Mr. Kammenos, after the discussion in the conference of presidents, where nobody expressed an opposing view, to assume his responsibilities with dignity and not to burden parliament with a political no confidence vote. It would be absolutely wrong,” Voutsis said.

“When an MP is not a member of a party, he cannot serve as a parliament vice president,” Voutsis underlined