Yiğit Bulut, a senior advisor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is once again unleashing statements against Greece and Cyprus, this time with regard to the Imia islets and Cyprus’ EEZ.

“Test our resolve. We are kindly asking Greece to set foot on the Imia islets. If that happens, we will defend them to the death, from the moment that Erdogan gives the order” Bulut declared.

Just 24 hours earlier, Bulut had made provocative statements regarding the oil and gas exploration programme in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus.

Bulut said that the Turkish president will order a military strike against any effort at exploration and drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean for which Turkey does not grant its approval.

Referring to the Italian energy giant ENI, Bulut told TRT state television that,” ENI is trying to enter Cyprus’ EEZ with two frigates, and for three weeks the Turkish Navy has not allowed it.”

“Do you see their audacity? The Greek-Cypriots declare a tender and award it to ENI and Italian frigates come and try to place their drill in Cyprus’ territorial waters. If you have the courage, enter. I say it clearly. On any level that we do not grant approval , in every effort or provocation, our Commander-in-Chief (Erdogan) personally will give the order for a strike. No one should doubt that,” Bulut declared.