The remanding in prison of famed stage and television actor Petros Filippidis on rape and attempted rape charges and that of former National Theatre director Dimitris Lignadis on similar charges demonstrates that nobody is above the law – however powerful, famous, or popular they may be.

This is encouraging because it proves once again that the judiciary is independent and so whoever falls victim to violent acts should not hesitate to press charges.

At the same time, we must not forget that pre-trial detention is not a conviction and that everyone is innocent until definitively proven guilty.

As serious as a crime of which one is accused may be and as emotionally charged as the case in which one is implicated may be, the accused must be treated with the appropriate caution and composure. In our justice system there is no room for courts of the people or social cannibalism.

The #ΜeToo movement appeared in Greece quite belatedly. Now that the first wave of charges has passed, it must not be forgotten or treated with contempt.

All cases that have opened must be painstakingly investigated. Any hint of pressure or of a cover-up must be removed.

One must at the same time ensure that nobody will fall victim to revenge, envy, or false, manufactured charges.

Unhindered and without external influence, the judiciary must do its duty.

That is what is needed.

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