The Greek government appears to be pleased because the number of refugees and migrants residing in reception facilities has fallen by 25 percent since the beginning of the year.

Moreover, the number of new arrivals from Greece's eastern borders has decreased by 78 percent compared to last year.

The residents of the Aegean islands that are the point of entry for most migrants are also relieved because those residing in Reception and Identification Centres has fallen by 62 percent.

Naturally these numbers do not signal a resolition of the refugee issue.

As the UN High Commissioner for Refugees wrote in a piece published by Ta Nea today the total number of asylum seekers and displaced people has reached one percent of the global population.

This is not the result of natural diasters but is rather due to the fact that, "A world that has sworn to love in peace has proven itself to be very good and starting battles but not so capable of resolving them."

Of course solutions exisτ, but they will not be found by burying one's head in the sand, in push-backs, or in shifting responsibility.

It requires the cooperation of political leaders in order to address the causes that lead people to abandon their countries.

"Leave me jobless!" is the heart-wrenching plea of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. It is pointless to remember refugees only when we see a picture or on an anniversary.

We must work to create a world in which no human being is forced to leave his or her home.

Until then we must remember that seeking asylum is not a lawless act.

It is a right.

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