The public health crisis that Greece is confronting highlighted the immense significance of the National Health System.

Healthcare in Greece was battered by the financial crisis and in the past was involved in the misuse of public funds and other illegal activity.

The NHS was and in many way remains the sick man of the Greek state and the road to recovery is long.

It is hopeful that political parties concur that bolstering that system is a top state priority.

Parties are vying over which policies are best to implement and over the percentage or amount of increase in state spending on strengthening the Greek NHS.

Strengthening the system through hiring thousands of doctors and nurses and covering all needs for medical equipment is a key objective and this must be done through an absolutely transparent process that includes accounting for the last cent.

Thereafter the effort must be guided by the aim of offering better services to the sick and those close to them without ideological or other blinders.

A practical spirit must prevail.

The NHS is the pride and joy of the British and its Greek counterpart could play a similar role.

This is not just something imposed by the public health crisis.

We owe it to our fellow-citizens who are ailing.

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