It would be wrong to believe that the temporary shutdown of schools, universities, and entertainment venues such as cinemas and theatres is enough to protect the citizenry from the spread of the coronavirus.

The closures are meant to limit large gatherings in public venues and not to have schoolchildren whose schools are shut to gather in public squares.

That means that both the young and old are obliged to limit their movements and not view the shutdowns as a vacation opportunity.

The incidence and spread of COVID-19 can be limited only if citizens adhere faithfully to the instructions of competent authorities and remain calm.

There is no need for a run on supermarkets as if there is no tomorrow.

A sense of measure is needed in all areas of daily life, and that requires a disciplined enforcement of rules.

This stage of the spread of the virus will create huge challenges for the public health system, the economy, and infrastructure.

Social cohesion will be severely tested.

It should be understood that solidarity and a sense of social responsibility give us an important advantage in responding to the pandemic.

They are arms that all citizens must take up and tools for society to emerge stronger after this emergency.