The visit of the leaders of the top EU institutions to the Greek-Turkish border in Evros bore an exceptional symbolic significance.

The Union sent a message that its limits reach as far as its external borders.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council Co-President Charles Michel, and European Parliament President David Sassoli all stressed the fact that Greece’s borders are at once Europe’s borders.

The statement is of enormous significance because it is clear that all EU member-states do not view the issue the same way.

That perfectly clear message, however, must be accompanied by concrete deeds.

The reinforcements and equipment το guard the Greek-Turkish borders are welcome and are the product of the cognisance of the fact that this is not a problem between Greece and Turkey but rather between the EU and Turkey.

Turkey is not blackmailing Greece. Ankara is blackmailing all of Europe.

Solidarity must be continual and uninterrupted and must be offered with a swiftness to which the EU is not accustomed.

It is senseless for EU leaders to await a bad development in order to adjust to the necessity of rapid intervention

The defence of EU territory and the promotion of internal peace in the Union necessitates the adoption of such a mentality.

It means that Europe cannot wash its hands like a latter day Pontius Pilate.

It must finally assume its responsibilities not only toward its member-states but to the very essence of its existence.