In no democratic country in the world is the issue of security taboo as it unfortunately appears to be in Greece.

The difference is in part explained by the fact that foreign universities use private security companies.

They lock the doors after a certain hour and then allow entry only to those with university entrance cards.

Greek universities provide a refuge for all sorts of activities and entry is open to anyone.

The time has come for universities to be given back to the students. Universities belong solely to the academic community which has the right to work and learn in secure conditions, which ensure academic freedom.

Can anyone believe that there can be an exchange of ideas when those who express them are subject to violence from those who disagree?

Can there be academic freedom in spaces that are used as a launch pads for attacks and a refuge for criminals and producers of firebombs?

The education ministry is rightly gearing up to establish a sense of security at universities, but since there are many taboos nothing can be done without the participation of the academic community.

The administrations of universities and students have an obligation to mobilise and demand the basics from the state.






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