Greece and Cyprus as Ta Nea reports have chosen not to follow the logic of Ankara, which is raising tensions with inflammatory statements and illegal drilling in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

That seems a self-evident choice but it is not, as a top member of the previous government was constantly sabre-rattling and peddling in patriotism for partisan gain.

That era has fortunately passed here but not in Turkey which exports its domestic problems and inserts them in its bilateral and international relations.

There are two ways with which to confront this.

Either a country can be dragged into power plays and sabre-rattling or it acts in a calm and prudent manner with knowledge of its geopolitical position and interenational alliances.

A prudent and calm stance is what is required right now.

Diplomacy has often defeated war cries.

Vigilance always sends the right message in all directions.

Aiming at peaceful coexistence, the Greek government must continue on this path and remain dedicated to it.

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