A month has passed since the start of the fire season and the alarm bell have already rung twice.

The first time was one week ago when it was revealed that the Fire Service’s 2019 operational plan does not include Mati, where over 100 people died in the horrific wildfire of July, 2018.

The second time was o 30 May when the WWF reported that Greece remains unprepared to confront the dangers posed by wildfires.

The WWF said that the Greek Fire Service should have radically revamped its plans due to the increase of natural disasters in recent years, the 20,000 hectares that were detsroyed by fires last year alone, and the 102 deaths in Mati.

Ten months after that unspeakable tragedy, it looks as if nothing has beeen done. Much is lacking and the unmindfulness of competent authorities is glaring.

Suffice it to say that the list of areas that pose an increased fire risk has not been updated since 1984.

The 7 July general election will be the first held in July since 1928.

The crucial issue of wildfire protection must be discussed during the five-week campaign.

Parties have a duty to immediately table their plans and persuade the government to take action post haste, and certainly before parliamentary elections.

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