Back in the days when SYRIZA was promising everything to everybody, a prominent cadre declared that when the party comes to power there will be no reason to have riot police, as citizens would have no reason to protest.

Four years later, one can see in a violent manner what became of that and other promises of the ruling party.

From the handicapped to educators, various social groups are painfully aware of the value of such hollow promises.

The ruling party should account for its past baseless pledges and for police violence today.

It would be useful for it to explain how in order to gain power it manufactured a false narrative with citizens who would see all their problems solved overnight.

It should also explain why after failing to create its Utopia it cannot check the excessive zeal that is often exhibited by police.

Instead, it appears that the ruling party has exhausted its once boundless sensitivity.

Not only does it not condemn police violence as it did at the drop of a hat when it was in the opposition,  but it also failed to utter a word about the most recent violent incidents or to apologise.

That confirms the magnitude of the hypocrisy and of the callousness of those in power.