There can be no doubt that that freedom of the press has suffered a serious blow over recent years in our country.

The terrorist strike at the offices of SKAI television and radio and of the daily Kathimerini (same ownership and building) confirms that observation.

It demonstrates that such attacks can spin out of control if freedom of the press is safeguarded selectively, or only after blind terrorist attacks, and if democratic practices are not implemented on a daily basis.

This problem has unfortunately taken on international dimensions, even in countries that were once proud of their record on press freedom.

In other words, freedom of the press is not under attack only in Turkey, Russia, and China.

The press has been targeted America, by the US President himself. It is under attack by the government in Italy. Journalists have been murdered in Malta.

Now it is clear that Europe is hardly unscathed.

Let this last terrorist strike be occasion for the government to palpably demonstrate that it does not separate the media into friends and foes.

The employees at SKAI and Kathimerini are to be praised for vowing to continue their work.

Indeed, we journalists will not be daunted. However, the fact that such an affirmation is necessary confirms that our democracy is wounded.