It takes unfathomable audacity to declare what the prime minister’s cousin, Giorgos Tsipras, said in the social media about Ta Nea.
He said that he feels shame because the newspaper once again did its job – revealing the shoddiness with which the current government is handling last week’s national tragedy.
Since he doubts that the number of the dead and missing persons changes almost daily, he need only read today’s report on the prevailing chaos even on such a sensitive issue.
For decades, Ta Nea did, does, and will continue to do what it knows best – to record events and check authority, supporting democracy and serving the country.
As for Giorgos Tsipras, he would do well in these difficult hours to remain silent, and work to ease the pain of our fellow human beings from whatever responsible post he has. When he finds the time, he should become informed.
He should not operate as a judge, after the recent republication of an older interview with a well-known resistance figure, about the professional activity of Tsipras’ father in Crete during the junta, the projects that he undertook on the island, and the fact that his father was appointed to a post in Panathinaikos FC during the junta, when other members of the team were being arrested.

He should understand that you cannot bypass everything in life, as he could with a forged certificate that debts to the state had been paid.