The government insists that general elections will be held at the end of its term, in autumn, 2019.

At the same time, it is engaging in a sort of telemarketing politics, by pledging everything to everyone, with the hope that it will increase its electoral clientele.

When will elections be held? The constant talk of hand-outs reveals the government’s true intentions. Not even the government itself believes that it will serve its full term. Pledges of hand-outs always carry the scent of elections.

As natural and acceptable as it is for the government to hold its cards close to the vest as regards the date of elections, it is equally unacceptable and irrational for it to prepare for them with the use of any bait at its disposal, or rather any bait that it does no truly have.

From pensions and the minimum wage to the ENFIA real estate tax and auto registration fees, the government is bound by all that it agreed to with creditors when it signed the third, and harshest, bailout memorandum.

That means it is engaging in telemarketing offers with offerings that do not exist.

In the past, the country has paid dearly for untrammeled pledges of hand-outs. Its bankruptcy was the result of such sad practices, which did not yield electoral gains in the end.

Employing the same approach today is not merely sad and ineffective. It is dangerous. It is opening Pandora’s box.