Main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras’ “one step forward, two steps back” stance in the case of MP Pavlos Polakis was to be expected for those who are aware of the deep structure of the party and the two politicians’ organic connection in their common course and orientation.

Tsipras’ flirt with centrist voters lasted only a few days, as did the rebuke of the Chania, Crete, MP, who immediately unleashed new threats in the social media.

The balance of the election and the fear of electoral losses due to Polakis prodded the entire party and its Political Secretariat unanimously to embrace him once again.

From now on any misstep by Polakis will have been a priori legitimised by SYRIZA.

Tsipras did not miss the opportunity, albeit belatedly to complete his distancing from Polakis, which began with the MP’s expulsion from SYRIZA’s Chania ticket and the referral of the case to the party’s ethics committee.

He wants to establish a new image of the party, which seems lost in the whirlwind of toxic rhetoric and governmentalism.

Not now.

Now the road to the elections will include Polakisism, and his description by Tsipras as merely a “blunt Cretan” no longer applies.

SYRIZA and Polakis will be completely united, which does not bode well in a period that requires syntheses and a clear programme.