The Greek proposal for a common European vaccination certificate has already found support among EU member-states.

European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen in her interview in the weekend Ta Nea welcomes the Greek PM’s initiative as showing the proper direction for Europe.

She said the WHO also demands mutual recognition of a certificate of vaccination.

Yet it is well known that the French-German Axis does not want to discuss it right now and so the Greek government must make it more timely as soon as possible and in any way possible, even through bilateral agreements with European and other states.

The country cannot endure a second summer with its heavy industry in quarantine. Before the summer season trips in Greece should be feasible and absolutely safe both for visitors and tourism workers and all other citizens.

The EU bureaucracy has proven dangerously slow.

The recent delay in procuring the necessary number of doses of COVID-19 vaccines is the most indicative example.

However, safe movement is of vital importance in the struggle against recession in the southern countries of the Union and so Greece should show the way even if it does not go via Brussels.

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