After a long period of darkness there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel in dealing with the pandemic in Greece.

On a national level it appears that the spread of the virus is being stemmed in Athens and Thessaloniki.

As Ta Nea noted yesterday Greece has avoided the large number of deaths that we saw in other European countries and has fared better than they have.

On the international level there have been announcements that vaccines that are being developed are extremely effective and there are three of them in very advanced stages until now.

As Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla – a Greek who grew up and studied in Thessaloniki) – said that by mid-2021 anyone will be able to go to a pharmacy and get a COVID-19 vaccination.

This good news, however, should under no circumstances prompt us to exhibit complacency and lax enforcement of public health regulations.

Firstly, there is a long way to go until summer.

Secondly, there is always a possibility that something can go wrong with the vaccines that could result in greater delays.

Thirdly, the virus is incessantly in motion and it shows no compassion. It attacks indiscriminately, mercilessly, and in a sweeping manner.

The accounts from hospitals that we read and hear about on a daily-basis are heart-wrenching.

Consequently, any display of complacency would be criminal.

Any back-pedaling on the public health restrictions that have been imposed would be catastrophic.

For the light at the end of the tunnel to grow stronger we must continue to comply faithfully with the recommendations of scientists.

That means we must follow the well-known triptych of frequent and thorough hand-washing, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing.

The need to do so has never been more timely and urgent.

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