Today is historic from any point of view. It is not just the presidential race or the contest between Trump and Biden along with their communications teams and parties.

This day is decisive for the whole world the day after.

This is not only because of the geopolitical and economic weight of the US but also because we are living in a world rife with collective dangers, transitions, and a fluidity that will determine the global map for the next decade.

The dramatic backdrop of the pandemic crisis is changing behaviours, economies, alliances of states, and collective mores.

It is testing social cohesion, health systems, the level of democracy and liberties, and our endurance.

Meanwhile, it is changing the relationship between states and their citizens and is deconstructing classic ideological schemes and old certainties.

In this new international backdrop which requires solidarity, cooperation, and the bolstering of democratic institutions the US will unavoidably play a leading role.

Yet that presupposes that it will remain an open society based on its long experience with democracy and that it will reject bigotry, exclusion, and hatred.

The day after the election the entire world will be looking at the US, a country that taught the world multi-culturalism and opportunity for all and was a place where millions could dream and progress.

The US must not be a country of divisions and irrationality.

It must be a paradigm for a new Enlightenment.

November 3 is a day that offers a great opportunity in which collective social achievements can be renewed and updated to benefit the many.

That is why populism and its exponents – an irrational ideology and its patrons – must be dealt a serious lesson and a major blow.

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