What has been going on at university campuses over the last days is truly unprecedented.

University students decided to claim a place that belongs to them.

They no longer want to be disengaged bystanders as political “patrons” make the decisions without their participation.

They also do not want student minorities transforming university campuses from places of learning and for the exchange of ideas into hotbeds of violence, authoritarian behavior, and home bases to engage in their delusional wars.

That is why they voted not to occupy Athens’ Economic University.

Instead, they demanded the opportunity to vote electronically so that the decisions that will be mad will be as representative as possible of their will and not of the will of others.

In other words students demanded open and democratic universities.

Yet they are once again confronted with violence. They see their physical safety threatened by certain people who want to replace free will with fear and to replace the free exchange of knowledge and ideas with their aims and fixations.

Fear should not win out this time. The will for public universities the students of which are proud members and that will provide them with the necessary knowledge to confront the future must prevail.





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