It sometimes takes a very long time for an historical injustice to be rectified and the true dimensions of an historical event to be ackThat is precisely what happened with the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the US House of Representatives.

It took over a century for the superpower that is the US to join the countries that fulfiled their duty toward historical memory and decided without the cynicism of realpolitik.

The US House of Representatives did not consider the consequences on US-Turkey relations even though relations are at a low point and are determined by the whims of two unpredictable and megalomaniacal leaders – Trump and Erdogan.

Despite that , the House acted independently and took a decision that was based on principle and not cold calculation.

At this time our world is sorely in need of such principled decisions and actions, because the fate of the planet lies in the hands of such leaders.

We must counter such leaders’ thinking with universal principles and values, such as respect for historical memory.

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