The numbers are indisputable witnesses.

The previous government received the Public Power Corporation (PPC) with a surplus and when it left PPC had a deficit and was at the edge of the abyss, and that due to the fact that it is the country’s largest company could drag down the entire Greek econony.

There is only one way to avert this danger.

Whoever may be responsible for the current debacle of PPC, Greece’s largest enterprise, the company must be saved at all costs.

PPC can under no circummstances be left to its own devices.

On the contrary, what is needed is a comprehensive salvation plan that can avert even the slightest possibility of collapse.

Certainly, there are no magical solutions.

Political errors have a cost that must be paid by taxpayers and it is they who are once again being called upon to play the piper.

That is what will happen with conscientious PPC clients who will lose the 10% discount they received until now for paying their bills in a timely manner.

The continual burden on the taxpayer’s shoulder reminds us that the plan to clean up PPC cannot be placed on their shoulders in its entirety.

The danger of collapse must certainly be averted, but not through the easy solution of price hikes.

The current government is called upon not just to clean up the country’s largest company, but also to lead us securely into a new era.