The historic low of Greek bonds spreads and the Athens Stock Exchange rally after the 26 May elections’ results indicate that the markets are favourably disposed toward the strong prospect of a governmental change after the upcoming general election.

The reaction of the markets also debunked the government’s claim that its management of the economy is its strong card.

In fact, it is one of its weakest – if not the weakest – areas of performance.

Investors view the government with distrust.

It had four whole years to win their trust.

Despite its upbeat pronouncements, it appears to have completely squandered that political capital.

The government’s untrammeled talk of benefits over the last weeks confirmed that from the vantage point of foreign observers the government always sacrifices the economy for the sake of its petty partisan interests.

The government that comes to power after the upcoming general election is obliged to take these signals into account.

The main opposition party chose not to outdo the government as regards promises of benefits and citizens appeared to have rewarded it for that prudent stance at the ballot box.

It has a duty to exhibit the same restraint during the parliamentary election campaign, even if the temptation is greater.

After all, it was that temperance of the opposition that was rewarded by both voters and the markets.

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