The numbers tell the story. One-quarter of Greek university students will complete studies in engineering, a profession with a 40 percent unemployment rate, according to a report in Ta Nea.

That is because tertiary technical schools were granted university status by the government. That will create a record 36 polytechnic faculties nationwide.

There will be a 173% rise in the number of computer engineering faculties and a 72 percent hike in the number of electrical engineering faculties.

It has been said that where the numbers prosper people suffer, and the aforementioned numbers confirm that.

The government and the education minister are driving young people to the misery of unemployment in the name of petty partisan gain.

They offer the bait of formally upgraded tertiary technical schools without taking into consideration that the graduates will face a bleak future of unemployment.

That lays the groundwork for a new brain drain, which is to say the definitive withering away of a society which already is confronted with a huge demographic problem.

It has been said that universities should not be linked with the market. Must they be linked with unemployment? Should faculties that are already over-packed mushroom further and offer degrees with no value in the market?

The country will pay dearly for this short-sighted policy. That is because of a minister who more than any of his predecessors linked the education system with partisan interests and personal ideological fixations.

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