The report of the European Commission on the Greek economy leaves no room for complacency. The European institutions are demanding a drop in the tax-free ceiling and a freeze of measures to counter-balance the impact of austerity if the judiciary rules that cut wages and pensions must be returned to whose income was slashed.

There is a double minefield on Greece’s path. The economy remains shackled by austerity policies and the danger of fiscal derailment is ever-present.

Instead of remaining focused on the target, the government is preoccupied with other matters.

Even the finance minister wastes energy on party politics, on his political activity in the Group of 53, a sort of self-styled leftist opposition withinin SYRIZA.

Meanwhile, the MP is trapped in a political impasse and is preoccupied with pillaging the centre-left’s cadres and political base.

All this is certainly part of politics, but politics cannot be conducted with clashes and without taking into account the citizenry – their anxieties and problems.

All opinion polls indicate that the basic worry of citizens is the economy and not which politicians will join SYRIZAin a political front after the PM’s invitation.

Politics that is cut off from society is not politics. No power that remains closed in itself is able to govern.Invitations can wait. The economy cannot.