The current government has unfortunately poisoned the country’s political life again and again.

It has polarised the political system. It has attempted to divide society. It has manufactured enemies. It has sent messages of intolerance. As it seems, it will proceed to elections by dividing and polarising, by polarising and dividing.

The targeting of Costas Simitis bears witness to that. The former prime minister needs no defence. He himself picked up the gauntlet with a response that leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Nonetheless, the fact that he was targeted raises a number of questions. Why now? What is the evidence aside from the unsubstantiated allegations of one individual in 2004?

The answers will be given. Still, it obvious that there is political planning involved in this affair.

What will be recorded as one of the dark pages of Greek political history, the “Polakis Dogma”, was not a fleeting moment involving the immodesty of a minister, who at certain times uses invective and at others supplants the judiciary. It is an organised plan with a beginning, middle, and end.

Above all, it has a specific aim: “We must put some people in jail in order to win the elections,” as Polakis (photo) declared at a SYRIZA party meeting.

The plan is in full swing, and as it seems it will continue to unfold up until the general election.

The criminalisation of political life will not cease.  Unfortunately, all means will be marshaled in what the government views as a battle to the bitter end, and without rules.





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