By the time SYRIZA was the opposition party, they often used to raise the flag of the fight against tax evasion and smuggling. They also blamed opposite governments for intention and intention only; tax evasion and smuggling were intended and the reason was the relation between governors at the time and smugglers or dodgers. The will - which SYRIZA insisted to have, not being dependent - would be enough to end both tax evasion end smuggling.

Three years after taking power, government's achievements are pretty pitiful. The famous Lagarde List is no longer useful. Smuggling not only flourishes, but now there are questions about the government and related services against obvious cases of smuggling. There are also questions about tax evasion and how dealing with it, while there is a last example of 5.000 tax folders piled up at Finance Police office, despite the authority's weakness to investigate them.

The government is multiply judged for this (at least) negligence. It is judged not only for the huge gap between words and actions, but also because this government taxes citizens more than any other government before. Citizens than will be called to pay for the «marble» for others tax evasion and smuggling. And how so? By putting their hands into their pockets.

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