Over the last years, the prime minister sought to curry favour with the media, especially those on the progressive, democratic side of the political spectrum, obviously because he thought he represented them.

He attempted to achieve this in various ways, but always with a hegemonic outlook, aiming to direct and control the media. He wanted them to be entirely his own. He sought to create propaganda tools based on blind support.
When he realised that there was no room for subjugation and absolute control, he demonised the press, and especially our newspaper.

He depicted To Vima and Ta Nea as agents of absolute evil, and he tried to saddle us with the sins of the entire world.

He went as far as to attack in a most abusive manner all ranks of the journalistic hierarchy, from publishers to journalists.

The late publisher Christos Lambrakis was depicted by the prime minister’s circle as the greatest evil, while publisher Vangelis Marinakis was viewed as another demon, and journalists were viewed as subservient to a washed up and corrupt system.

Not accustomed to how newspapers work, except for party newspapers, he had the skewed impression that journalists are mere conveyers of the political line of the moment, without a free will and personality.

He could not imagine that those working at our newspapers are distinct individuals with ideas, convictions and freedom of opinion.

He was also not in a position to understand how it can be that in columns on the same page different views and assessments can clash.

Yesterday, in parliament, in order to cover the deficit and errors of his own government, he repeated his usual amoral insults against us.

The repeated polemics against us transcend the limits of hubris. This is especially true because the prime minister knows firsthand that the publisher of our newspapers never attempted any intervention on behalf of any party or interest.

Readers honour our publication every day, paying from their pockets.

They do this because they have seen over time that our writing is free, independent, and irreconcilable with the policy lines and direction that determine the newspapers that educated the prime minister and his party.

Instead of insulting and using foul language every so often, let him read our newspapers, in order to learn, to be taught, and to avoid certain things.

We know, of course, that such a suggestion is in vain. Unfortunately, he is drowning in his lies and cynicism.