In the final analysis, it is a question of priorities.

It is absolutely natural, when a government focuses all its attention on annihilating its political enemies, creating a government-friendly media environment, and embroidering reality, that it will fail miserably in its basic mission: tending to the everyday problems of citizens.

The government is further exposed by the fact that this is a period of adversity for citizens, in part because of its own actions.

That alone would be sufficient cause to devote all its attention to issues that are of great concern to the citizenry.

Even from the vantage point of political self-interest, it would benefit the government to move swiftly and show that it has succeeded in improving everyday life through specific initiatives.

Instead, we see that the tax valuation of properties nationwide is up in the air, that the programme for the ecological upgrading of homes collapsed from the moment it was implemented, and that EFKA – the country’s largest social insurance fund – is in a dismal situation.

In addition, thousands of retirees are still waiting for their pensions – for many even the basic pension – to be issued.
Three years are a minuscule amount of historical time, but they are an eternity for a government.

After three years in power, the Syriza-Independent Greeks coalition government has absolutely no excuse for the dissolution of public administration and of the operation of the state.

An apology from the competent minister does not suffice, because it comes across as a mumbled excuse over the rubble.