The exceptional distinction attained by two Greeks – Yorgos Lanthimos in film and Stefanos Tsitsipas in tennis – proves that talent exists in this country and that it is cultivated with hard and persistent work.

It would be wrong for one to believe, however, that this reservoir of talent is not often lost. The country has athletes, filmmakers, and other professionals who did not reach the heights that they might have if only they had been afforded the necessary opportunities.

This country is rich in talent but poor in opportunity and infrastructure.

That must change immediately – not because society needs bursts of national emotion, but because the social whole will benefit. The nurturing of talent in athletics, the arts, the sciences, and entrepreneurship will contribute to the progress of all of society.

The many benefit from the talent of the few. Lanthimos placed our country back on the map of international film. Tsitsipas reminded us that tennis is not the sport of the rich as it may have been in the past.

This means that if these distinctions come to fruition and if other talents are nurtured, our country can host film productions and international tournaments, creating new jobs.

Our country is rich in human capital. The time has come at long last for it to exploit its wealth.