MEP Stelios Kouloglou announced his departure from the SYRIZA Eurogroup.

“The situation that has developed in the party lacks seriousness, at the same time that a violent overthrow of the politics of SYRIZA is being attempted, adding more fuel to the fire. In these circumstances, for those who wanted to maintain an independent stance, the situation is unbearable” he states, among other things, in his letter to Stefanos Kasselakis.

In his letter, Mr. Kouloglou refers, among other things, to the lack of a serious opposition, criticizes the positions expressed at the Union of Greek Enterprises by Stefanos Kasselakis, while harshly criticizing the decision to delete Stefanos Tzoumakas.

“Even before your election, the public debate revolved around your personal life and not around your political proposals. SYRIZA found itself feeding gossip to morning shows, while Mr. Mitsotakis has been left alone and undisturbed to do politics on the news.

This has not happened in the history of official opposition parties, not only in Greece but also internationally. For this you have the main responsibility and despite the relevant points, nothing has changed. Just yesterday, trying to justify your earlier anti-SYRIZA, conservative writings, you invoked, among others, “a relationship with a girl that I was not happy with,” notes Mr. Kouloglu to add.