Now that the prime minister, by all appearances, has quashed the rampant reports of imminent snap elections, it would be inconceivable for him not to continue and complete the government’s plan in order to go to the polls.

It is inconceivable for MPs and ministers to already be engaging in protracted pre-electoral campaigns that will hinder their legislative work and will halt necessary reform.

The spectacle of a “governmental vacuum” at a time that one is dealing with a number of fronts that will shape Greece’s future would hinder the economic growth path and the country’s opportunity to stabilise and restructure the economy.

There is an opportunity to tackle pending issues and to redesign initiatives in each ministry.

Health, the economy, foreign policy issues, the reform and streamlining of the state, and education are just some of the sectors that can speed up legislative and other affairs so that the strong impact of reforms will be apparent by autumn.

Let us not forget that we shall confront a number of difficulties this winter and in order to effectively manage them one must now organise a line of defence for protecting and preserving social cohesion.

The momentum is good and there is room for us to pursue a new era of stability and security for citizens.

Given the PM’s statement that he is determined to serve out his term regardless of political cost, there is no time to waste and no excuse for not pressing forward.

One must focus on policy targets and achieve them.