The fluid and tense crisis between Russia and Ukraine has a Greek dimension – the region’s Greeks and the dangers they face.

The compact Greek community (photo) should be and is on the radar of our foreign ministry. What is needed is coordinated and timely actions to protect its members or even to facilitate their movement.

Obviously, beyond the operational plan of the Greek government, one needs the active participation of the Greek Embassy in Kiev and our Consulate in Mariupol, including absolute communication with the Ukrainian government, precisely in order to avoid impetuous or unprepared moves.

The Greeks of Ukraine have a long history in and ties with the region and a military crisis should under no circumstances imperil their lives and property

The sad incident involving the death of two ethnic Greeks in Eastern Ukraine may not be linked to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, yet it reflects the simmering terrain and the delicate balances in the broader region.

However, the Greek community should pay heed to the plan being threshed out by Greek authorities – the foreign ministry in cooperation with the Ukrainian government.

Greece, as a European country and NATO member, is obliged to be ready for any eventuality, with particular sensitivity for the region and our Greek community.