The government, according to Ta Nea’s sources, is threshing out scenarios for a further income tax cut that will target the 10,000 to 40,000 euro tax bracket, in order to offer relief, especially for families with underaged children.

These are welcome scenarios. They must be thoroughly worked out – so as not to burden the state budget and to so as to leave no room for even the slightest derailment of public finances – and then must be implemented as soon as possible.

Inflation is citizens’ number one priority right now. The government has a duty to seek and find every possible solution in order to help them, especially when one considers that this is not a fleeting problem, as more and more analysts internationally believe it may last until the end of the year.

A breather through tax cuts for the middle class is necessary. That is not only because it was a central plank in the government’s electoral platform, but also because it is yet another way to support labour, the true productive fabric of the country.

The way things are shaping up, with continual product price increases and skyrocketing energy bills, the time has come for the government to say, “We shall do whatever is necessary.”