This is not a time to allow lingering shadows and ambiguities as regards the political system, the judiciary, and democracy.

On the contrary, it is a time to probe and get to the bottom of crimes and unlawful acts, to have faith in state institutions, and to strengthen democracy.

Hence, what SYRIZA’s former justice minister said yesterday in supplementary testimony about his previous charges – that described a “deceitful hastening” of the ratification of the amended penal code in June, 2019 by the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government – must be investigated in depth.

The sharpest accusation in what the former minister said about the new penal code was his claim that it was an “extreme example of the corrupt intertwining of the former SYRIZA government and the oligarchy”.

That suggests that there are deeper political responsibilities and it is inconceivable to allow the questions that are raised to linger and to cast a shadow on politics, and more generally.

Let yesterday’s testimony and the analytical explanations of the ex-minister be the spark for the absolute clarification of the relations of the previous government with businessmen and of the ramifications of those ties.

These charges must not be viewed as an intra-party dispute.

They must be seen as a good opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of the separation of powers and of the accountability of politicians to society – openly, boldly, and comprehensively.

Grey zones and shadows are not good for anyone.