Over the last days the image of our country has not been attractive.

The deficiencies, admitted by the PM in his apology for the management of the 24 January snowstorm, offer a grim picture in the first month of 2022.

However, behind the image of understandable indignation, there is a more optimistic and dynamic picture, exemplified by the arrival of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon in Greece, in the context of the purchase of a stock package of a Greek advanced technology company.

In fact, this symbolises Greece’s steps forward over the last years in luring foreign investments, which with proper management can be the key for the next day.

The presence of such an executive in our country is the most optimistic indignation of the course and prospects of the Greek economy in the post-pandemic era.

It highlights Greece’s progress and the important changes that have occurred, especially in the way Greece is viewed abroad by both individuals and strategic allies and partners.

Such contacts would have been difficult if not impossible just a few years ago, when Greece was in the middle of an economic crisis.

Today, there are new realities that demonstrate the prospects and opportunities that are opening up.

If one takes into account the multiplier effect of EU Recovery Fund monies and their exploitation, there will be a unique opportunity for our country to turn a page.

In any event, the pessimistic and optimistic vantage points reflect the two sides of the same country, but the latter must be the image of the future.

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