The European Commission’s “Autumn 2021 Economic Forecast” projection on Greece’s economic growth is truly impressive, not only because of the percentage (7.1 percent), but also in comparison to the Commission’s spring projection, which was 4.3 percent for this year.

Brussels’ projection exceeds that of Greece’s draft state budget.

The numbers speak for themselves, but they do not describe the overall wager for Greece.

Thanks to tourism, the rebound of private consumption, and EU Recovery Fund monies, the country appears to have a promising future. For that to be ensured, however, the government must keep in mind the wisdom of the old political adage “The numbers prosper, people languish”.

One target, a high rate of sustainable growth, appears to have been achieved, but that alone does not suffice.

The government must take measures for the positive macroeconomic picture to have a positive impact on household budgets, for citizens to feel it in their purse.

It may sound commonplace, yet it is critical, because success lies not in economic reports, but rather in the prosperity of society.

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