Undoubtedly, inflation is here in full force. It is an international phenomenon inherent in inter-linked economies and it constitutes a serious threat for the average household.

It is indicative that the price hike on basic products since 2020 is 132 percent.

Inflation in our country in October hit a ten-year high.

The new realities have harmed the economic situation of Greeks and have weakened social cohesion.

It is inconceivable, however, to view inflation merely as a natural phenomenon. It is something that must be fended off.

Our country has the capability and the weapons to get through this continual “war”, which we describe thusly because projections indicate that inflation, coupled with the public health and energy crises, will be with us for the foreseeable future

The energy crisis is already patently obvious in the electricity and other bills of households.

The state budget which is being drafted shows an increase in GDP and a relative fiscal space.

That makes it necessary for the government to devise a package of initiatives to offer relief to the average citizen with a dividend, price cuts wherever possible, and a minimum wage increase, which the finance ministry is rightly planning.

Let us not forget that cumulative price hikes come even as we are waging war with the pandemic.
Particular attention must be paid, therefore, to this complex and difficult terrain, because that is the precondition for achieving stabilisation and recovery of the economy.

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