From the beginning of the investigation of former SYRIZA minister Nikos Pappas’s management of the previous government’s tender for the issuance of broadcast television licenses (which was declared unconstitutional by the Council of State), SYRIZA decided to defend the actions of the ex-state minister.

Indeed, SYRIZA cadres declared that Pappas was unfairly targeted in a vengeful manner simply because he attempted to fight corrupt vested interests.

However, from the first day of depositions in Parliament it appeared that the procedures followed, which were reminiscent of a reality show, were not decided upon in order to fight corrupt government-business ties, but perhaps in order to establish a new system of corruption.

The deposition o Kyriakos Tompras describes, according to sources, an effort to find a suitable businessman who would be willing to create a SYRIZA television channel in return for a broadcast license. Christos Kalogritsas was just one of the entrepreneurs who were approached.

As depositions in Parliament continue, more and more light will be shed on this case.

At the end of the day the question that must be answered is not just what Nikos Pappas’s possible role was, but also the magnitude of the case, as Tompras maintains that during the SYRIZA administration it was the PM’s office that “conceived of the idea” of creating a television station that would act as a government mouthpiece.

It does not suffice for us to at some point learn the truth about who attempted to control the terrain in broadcast television.

Time is of the essence. The probe must be completed as quickly as possible so that citizens can draw their own conclusions about the actions of the government that they elected.