Even US President Donald Trump’s staff now admits that the condition of his health last Friday was much worse than what was announced and that the coming days will be critical in determining the outcome of his illness.

Two-thirds of the American public according to polls believes that the president would not have contracted COVID-19 if he had handled the pandemic in a more serious fashion from the start.

The media are counting the number of times over the last months that Trump maintained that the virus would disappear on its own and mocked those who took protective measures.

The issue does not concern the president alone as in the time between he contracted the virus and was diagnosed he attended a number of events at which he rarely wore a mask.

Consequently, Donald Trump most likely has transmitted the virus to dozens of people, some of whom may fall gravely ill and even die.

That is how these viruses work. It takes just one person to be indifferent or careless for those who willingly or unwillingly came into contact with them to pay the piper.

We have seen that in recent days at Greece’s hospitals and old-age homes and because one cannot monitor every employee, police every square, and break up every large party, the most basic tool for limiting the nightmare is personal responsibility.

Mr. Trump has brought many ills upon America and the world.

Now he can offer a valuable service.

He can through his illness persuade people about the importance of wearing masks and abiding by social distancing guidelines.