During the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic last spring things were fairly simple.

The government’s scientific advisory committee convened and presented its proposals to the government which in turn announced public health measures to the public.

There was a single line and mode of communication and the many differences between experts remained behind closed doors.

As time passed and we learned more and more about the deadly coronavirus the debate became broader and now as we are entering the second wave we hear a host of viewpoints.

One day localised measures are ruled out and the next day they are back on the table.

One scientist says a national lockdown is quite possible but the government says that is not yet necessary.

A minister one day calls for faithful implementation of public health measures and the next he violates the measures to display his piety and respect for the Church.

The one thing that is certain is that the virus is advancing with the number of daily cases steadily above 300 and doctors are warning that hospitals are under severe pressure.

The picture is similar in other countries around the world. An EU summit that was to have started tomorrow was postponed because the European Council President has been placed in quarantine.

It is necessary for the government and leaders in the scientific community to have a clear and united line on how to manage the situation.

For its part, the public must exhibit strict discipline in following the rules and guidelines until an effective, safe, and trustworthy vaccine is developed.

There is no excuse for complacency or laxity.