Recent days and hours have shaken social life and the relationship of the citizenry with politics in Greece.

The endurance of institutions has been tested and harmed as has the separation of powers which is inextricably linked to the principle of democracy.

The recent revelations about the “activities” of ministers of the previous government have stirred up a toxic climate which must be confronted and repelled immediately.

Certainly individuals who have been implicated such as (former digital policy minister Nikos) Pappas and (former alternate justice minister Dimitris) Papangelopoulos must testify.

This affair should be thoroughly investigated and explanations must be presented so as not to leave even a shade of doubt.

Transparency and careful inspection of the data – even with a parliamentary committee conducting a preliminary criminal probe as the state minister intimated – is a one-way street at a time in which there is no room for suspicions of a corrupt intertwining of politics and business or for using the judiciary to achieve one’s ends.

Let us protect the prestige of institutions and politicians and let the entire system (and its branches that tried to push the country back to dark times) come to light.

Democratic rule is not a given but it has strong antibodies and decades of experience.

The toxic veil that is gradually unfolding reminds us that we must be collectively vigilant.

It reminds us that the judiciary when it probes an issue to the end is able to serve its independent and exalted role when it has lines of defence against such phenomena.

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