The worst appears to have been averted.

The European Commission’s proposals for the tourism industry, from which an estimated 25 percent of Greece’s GDP derives, indicate that the sector has not been condemned to wither.

We shall experience a “European summer” which does not match previous summers but also is not a desolate winter.

We must remember that the EU has now decided on a general framework.

The degree of success of the Greek summer tourist season will depend on how well specific measures meet the challenge.

It will depend on the swiftness of government action as time is limited and relentless.

One must now quickly take measures that normally would have required months.

Aside from the usual summer season opening preparations for receiving tourists, time will be needed for the implementation a series of public health protocols which are difficult to organise and pose a challenge.

That is not the sole challenge.

Greece must persuade its partners individually and collectively that it is a safe tourist destination for their citizens.

That is the only way they will open their borders for travel.

Establishing trustworthiness remains the greatest challenge along with proper organisation and effective planning.