It would be disastrous if the irresponsibility of the few were to undo the efforts of the many.

It is pitiful that among these few who behave irresponsibly are representatives of local government as well as lower and high-level clerics and that they do not understand their duty to serve as an example to be emulated.

The great European playwright Bertolt Brecht expressed pity for societies which need heroes

Yet societies do need positive examples – people who with their stance, principles, and values inspire their fellow citizens.

They need not be politicians, artists, athletes, or belong to other high-profile professions.

It has been proven that functional societies which display solidarity are the ones in which there are positive examples in a wide variety of endeavours.

Mayors and clergymen are not excluded as they either democratically represent the people or influence society through their religious authority.
They have a heightened responsibility to abide by the laws and rules of the state.

Deviating from that basic obligation at this crucial time can prove criminal.

Consequently, one must offer an accounting not only to oneself but to the whole of society.

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