The fears of a COVID-19 domino effect were again confirmed in Greece.

The coronavirus is spreading with new cases daily and experts underline that the next two weeks will be crucial.

That means that fears over a spread of the virus have been replaced by a focus on the repercussions.

What is paramount now is to find a solution to the problem.

Epidemiologists and other specialists in the public health system have issued clear guidelines on how to handle the virus, a number of which depend on everyone’s cooperation.

From the reaction to the detection of symptoms to taking protective measures for one’s self and others as implementation of these guidelines requires the active participation of the citizenry, literally all of us, as they must enforce frequent antiseptic measures.

One cannot over-emphasise everyone’s individual responsibility as there were acts and events that violated state-issued guidelines, such as a ban on carnivals which was defied by many in Patras, which relies financially on the famed spectacle.

An intense outbreak of the virus may have a correctional effect on those who ignored the ban on carnival celebrations supposedly as an act of “resistance”.

A society that needs such correctional acts in order to become prudent is in trouble.