The beating of a student by a group of junior high school (gymnasium) students in the Athens neighborhood of Vyronas is not simply a matter of bullying.

If one considers other similar incidents that occurred recently it is apparent that this brand of violence is lurking in schools.

It could very well turn into a wave of violence and as is well known waves can become monstrous.

The government appears to be aware of the problem and the education minister visited the school where the recent acts of extreme violence occurred.

Education Minister Niki Kerameos (photo) announced a series of measures including the appointment of “trusted teachers” who will mediate between students and play a role in regulating school life.

These measures will be judged once they are tried and tested.

Now it is necessary for the government to understand that visits and proclamations will not suffice and that it must implement the measures it announced post haste.

Each day and class hour that goes by is time lost.

It would be wrong to believe that the government is exclusively responsible for addressing this problem.

The shock of such violence at a tender age cannot but touch the conscience of all who are involved – the educational community and families with children who are students.

Otherwise the wave can carry us all away with it.