The woman who yesterday was informed by Parliament Speaker Konstantinos Tasoulas that she had been elected to the highest public office in the land has a different demeanour than what we are accustomed to from those holding high offices in Greece.

Clearly emotionally moved, she heard that her candidacy garnered broad support in Parliament at a time when domestically a sense of normalcy is returning and abroad the threats from the east [Turkey] are mounting.

Sakellaropoulou’s answer was direct, comprehensive, and deeply political.

In just a few phrases and without a stentorian delivery, adoration of antiquity, or grandiose turns of phrase, Ekaterini Sakellaropoulou laid out her vision for the new Greece that the PM has pledged to establish.

She spoke extemporaneously about the challenges of the 21st century (the economic crisis, climate change, and the weakening of the rule of law) and about the country’s priorities (bolstering the calm political climate, economic growth, reversal of the brain drain, protection of weaker citizens, and of course ensuring Greece’s territorial integrity and sovereign rights).

She seemed down-to-earth and realistic with absolute cognizance of her weighty responsibilities in March.

The president-elect of Greece has won people over even before assuming her duties.

If she maintains the same stance while in office – and everything points in that direction – then her success is guaranteed.