The nomination for the office of the President of the Hellenic Republic by tradition is first announced by the PM to the ruling party's parliamentary group.

The prime minister chose to make the announcement in a nationally televised statement to Greek citizens.

The reason for that is that there was much speculation about the choice which was not befitting the highest office in the land.

One must acknowledge that the ruling majority made an institutional choice.

The office does not permit political games and that principle was heeded perfectly well.

The nominee has the prestige and wherewithal to serve the office in a worthy manner and to rise to the occasion.

The role of the presidency is largely ornamental in terms of powers but not in terms of symbolism.

The office of President of the Hellenic Republic has an enormous special weight institutionally and in substance.

Political parties have a duty to weigh all the parameters before responding to the nomination of the majority and to rise to the occasion by fulfiling their institutional role.

The prime minister’s nominee has all the characteristics of a consensual choice.

That consensus must now be demonstrated in practice.



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