As we are by now witnessing every day, historical time – even recent events – has become more condensed than ever before.

The geopolitical map appears to be drawn on quicksand. That means that it can change with less than a light wind and that it is perpetually unstable and hence prone to change.

It also means that events are moving so rapidly that not even the slightest complacency is permissible.

All that has been occurring recently in Libya is proof positive. This is an exceptionally crucial period for Greek national interests.

Ensuring those interests requires vigilance and a series of steps on the international chessboard that will demonstrate that Greece is not merely an observer or, even worse, trailing behind the rest.

Our country must be present with the diplomatic vigour that its geopolitical place demands and with a clear conception of its size and role.

In this sensitive period one must avoid at all costs errors that are due to erroneous evaluations or views that do not match the realities.

Realism at all levels and in every way must be the only guide.

Any path other than realism may prove harmful or even fateful for national interests.